hmbkr – “Radio Majesty” (CSAF126DL)

December 30, 2010

hmbkr - Radio Majesty

VOLUME 13: hmbkr – “Radio Majesty” (CSAF126DL) 17:19

Vancouver-based quartet hmbkr features Scant Intone and connect_icut alongside members of coin gutter and the infamous Ejaculation Death Rattle (aka EDR). The hmbkr sound is based around real-time digital signal processing, unconventional tuning systems (specifically, just intonation) and the primal vocal stylings of EDR’s Ross Birdwise. “Radio Majesty” is an edited version of an improvisation performed in private at Vancouver’s VIVO Media Arts Centre. It represents the public’s first opportunity to experience the magic of hmbkr!

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